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Current Vacancies

As an ambitious, growing company, Creswick Petroleum must attract and retain the very best industry personnel.

As we structure our expert team we will advertise vacancies in this space.

O&M Maintenance E&I Technician:

Creswick Petroleum is accepting online applications for the position of O&M Maintenance E&I Technician.

Compliant with all Creswick Petroleum Standards, Safe Work Permitting Process, Working at Heights, Lifting and Rigging, Electrical Safety, JLA’s, Work Instructions, SAP/CMMS and all other applicable governing laws and standards.


Tool Pusher:

Coordinate all activities related to drilling operations to be executed as scheduled and also maintain the HSE standards in all operation activities in order to prevent working accident of personnel and equipments.

Field Service Technician:

The Field Service Technician II position is responsible for assisting crew as needed to complete pumping unit servicing. Service quality, job preparation, and safety are key priorities.

Crane Mechanic / Operators:

We are seeking and have immediate openings for experienced offshore crane mechanic/operators.

Field Operator:

Monitor and operate wells and associated surface equipment, including pumps, natural gas compressors, pumping units, valves, tanks, and other vessels, and maintain a safe work environment for the company.


Carries out a variety of physical activities on the well servicing or drilling rig floor or elsewhere on the well site as directed by the customer or well operator. This is a safety sensitive position.

Operations Geologist:

High quality geological input into development projects and ongoing field operations Generate 3D geocellular models to aid field development and exploration activities Participation in multi-disciplinary project teams.


This position requires the supervision of the crews that perform different tasks on the oil rig according to the regulations of the oil company, making sure that the work of the crew follows all company policies as well as enforcing rules regarding safety and PPE requirements. A Driller must constantly verify the equipment and record the data into a log. Most importantly, the Driller is responsible for the equipment and the safety of his crew members during all operations. Drillers are the front line supervisors at the rig site. They are responsible for ensuring that proper training, safe work practices, and safe operation of the drilling rig is being adhered to. Drillers operate and monitor the essential systems of the drilling rig including: hoisting, well control, mud and power systems found on the drilling rig. Safety is the first priority for all drilling rig personnel.


A Derrickhand handles the uppermost section of the drilling string as it is brought from or lowered into the wellbore or drill hole. A Derrickhand oversees some of the machinery on the rig and is responsible for the conditioning of the drilling fluid and the circulation machinery. The Derrickhand spends 25% of his time up in the rigs derrick and plays the lead roll in stacking and guiding pipe as it is tripped in and out or reconnected into the hole. A Derrickhand works with the mud systems, monitors weight and mixes weight properly while reporting any changes. The position requires mixing chemicals, monitoring pump manifolds and most importantly, good communication with the Engineer and the Driller.

Plant Operator:

Responsible for assisting in the operation of natural gas processing facility to ensure optimum plant performance, including monitoring operations of natural gas processing plant, product treating, and compression, making necessary adjustments, performing inspections and conducting preventive maintenance. Responsible for plant log entries of gauges, dials, pressures, temperatures, gas throughput, liquid production, fuel consumption and other shift activities. Assist Maintenance and I&E Techs with routine maintenance and major projects. Observe all safety regulations, operating, and maintenance procedures and Company policies. Complete all necessary monthly/daily/shift reports and computer work including environmental, safety, plant logs, near misses, down time and overall operation reports. Perform inspections and preventative maintenance on various types of plant equipment, such as engines, compressors, dehydrators, turbines, pumps, and other plant equipment; communicates findings to supervision or technicians. Ensure the safe and efficient operation of plant, equipment, and systems.

Rig Manager:

The Rig Manager is responsible for every aspect of the rig operations, including set up, take down and moving, along with the safety of all crew members. The Rig Manager is responsible for daily paperwork and other matters of business pertaining to the Rig. The Rig Manager ensures that the rig operations comply with the environmental and government regulations as well as regulation the production and costs therein.


Welders operate manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments using processes such as gas tungsten arc (GTAW), gas metal arc (GMAW), flux-cored arc (FCAW), shielded metal arc (SMAW), to weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals, to troubleshoot, repair, and manufacture oilfield equipment.

HR Administrator:

Reporting to the Director of Human Resources, the HR Administrator is responsible for coordinating and assisting with various administrative functions for the Human Resources team, in order to support larger team initiatives and deliverables.

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